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Programmers are gift since the dawn of contemporary computing.It was these programmers that revolutionized the computing the means we all know. Among the programs.The most famed among the many programming languages is Java. It was developed by James goose of Sun Microsystems and later non heritable by Oracle and discharged into the computing World. Since Java is totally Associate in Nursing object-oriented language, it's terribly simple to find out, particularly for programmers already awake to C, C++ etc. JAVA has a range of functions then that it needs least time. JAVA is employed for developing net primarily based and non-web based application and even for programming for mobiles. This makes it a very powerful and sought after technology. It is essential to require up a complicated project-oriented Java educational program instead of selecting a class-room crash Java course. This is were Academy of IT & Executive education step in.We will train you within the ancient means that's followed by majority of alternative coaching centers.We do not intend to train you in the traditional way that is followed by majority of other training centers. Instead we have encapsulated a unique structure of curriculum that includes rigorous hands-on training on field applications along with theoretical classes. This is possible for us due to excellent faculty we provide for our students.Academy of IT & Executive education provides the best java training in Trivandrum.

100% Job placement: As regards JAVA coaching, placements thinks about, it’s our 100 percent record that who ever completed JAVA course, none square measure out of work within the market. All are working as JAVA Programmer.

Career prospectus

Following are the few fields students can look at after pursuing this program:

Software Engineer
Java Programmer


Logic Building and Effective Problem Solving
RDBMS Essentials and T-SQL Programming
Programming in Java
HTML5 Programming
Developing Web Applications Using Servlets and JSP
Developing and Deploying Cloud Applications Using Google App Engine
Industry Orientation & Project
Advanced Topics