Which Topics to Prepare for Java Interviews?

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Java Interviews are a little bit totally different than traditional programming interviews on school giants and products based mostly firms like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, or Facebook.First, even if it's queries from arrangement and Algorithms like String or Array, you'll be able to still manage to clear Java interviews if you're not Associate in Nursing professional on them.The queries are a little bit easier and a lot of sensible than those firms. Another important issue concerning Java interviews are queries based mostly upon Java artificial language and JDK API. Since Java is additionally Associate in Nursing Object-oriented artificial language, you may realize scores of OOP queries there. Since Java is primarily used as Associate in Nursing application artificial language, the main target is aligned consequently with queries principally specializing in API, Java ideas, and style patterns. More senior developers like Java programmers with five to six years of expertise can realize a lot of queries on synchronous programming, Java concurrency API, JVM internals, GC tuning, and Java Performance. So your preparation should be aligned with your experience and not just focused on common programming questions. The importance of topics depends upon the candidate's experience. The Interviewer may ask more questions from Java fundamentals like String, Collections, equals() and hashcode and OOP concept to a fresher or Junior Java developers of 2 years experience, but those topics will be too trivial for Java developer of 4 to 5 years experience. For those, I prefer to ask Concurrency, JVM internals, Garbage Collection, testing, and design patterns. Another thing which decides which topic you should prepare for your interview is the Job description. Also, there is no better guide than Job description to prepare for relevant topics.For example, if you are going to work for a core Java multi-threading based application then you should prepare well for core Java topics like multithreading and concurrency, Java Collections, Generics, Enum, GC Algorithms and JVM internals.Similarly, if you are going to work for Java Web Service application than preparing about REST and SOAP, XML, JSON, and other relevant topics. For Java, web application developers, JSP, Servlet, Spring, and Hibernate are more important than multi-threading and JVM internals. Similarly for an Android developer, apart from knowledge of Java fundamentals, knowing Android API is more impor