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Academy of IT & Executive Education, a leading website development company, is now offering best PHP training in Trivandrum at their head office. It has a team of skilled developers who are during this field for over three years and can be teaching you each thought of PHP and MySQL to make you an expert. PHP, machine-readable text Pre-processor, may be a well-liked artificial language getting used for developing strong websites. If you wish to form your career shine, you'll take PHP coaching to become Associate in Software knowledgeable during this language and find employment simply.During your PHP coaching in Trivandrum, you'll get to figure with our team of consultants in healthy and friendly work atmosphere. They will give theory categories 1st and so, provide you with tasks for follow, therefore you'll be able to learn PHP ideas within the most effective method. They will additionally provide you with a chance to figure on a live project with them.During theory and sensible session, you'll be able to raise them to unravel your issues. During your PHP coaching session in Academy of IT & Executive Education at Trivandrum, you will learn: Basic concept of HTML, CSS and PHP How to work on PHP Editor Dreamweaver Building blocks in PHP language Writing PHP scripts efficiently Sending data from one page to another Use of Conditional Statements and Looping Tricky Method to Post data Creating Signup and login page Creating dynamic Web pages by embedding PHP scripts in HTML pages PHP concepts for Handling Arrays Math Function provided in PHP String Handling and creating Functions Session Handling and Auto Redirection Shopping Cart Demo and File Handling Preserve Data in Input Tags OOPS Concepts such as classes, objects, polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation Session management by using Cookies Uploading file to Web Server and how to handle it File Downloading Include Dynamic creation of files and Classes Network Programming using PHP Introduction to APIs and Sending Email XML and Handling Images in Binary Format Various MYSQL Concepts Insertion, Updating and Deletion of data stored in the database through Form Getting Data in Tabular Format Managing state of Select tag on Refresh Getting Dynamic results on Event Handling JavaScript and DHTML Menu Validating Forms and controlling CSS through JavaScript at run time AJAX handling Http Request and Response Database Interaction using AJAX