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Computers area unit vital tools in nearly each profession, therefore nearly everybody will profit by knowing however they work and the way to use them. In this course, you may learn the fundamentals of hardware, software, and networking. Academy of IT & Executive Education provides the best training in Basics of Computer Application at Trivandrum. You will conjointly develop basic skills in mistreatment Windows and Microsoft workplace, and for making your own web content. Finally, you may learn the way to use computers safely, and you may contemplate moral problems associated with pc usage. COURSE OBJECTIVES : determine and discuss the four main functions of pc hardware: input, processing, output, and storage. Identify and describe major hardware components. Identify, describe and use communications and networking word and technology to incorporate net operations and its uses.

Career prospectus

Following are the few fields students can look at after pursuing this program:

Document Specialist
Office Executive
LDC / UDC in Various Offices
Front Office / Receptionist


Fundamentals of Computer
PC Software
Advanced Topics