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Advance Software Engineering refers to Rising Advancements in software are those specialized advancements which lead to dynamic improvements inside a field for rapid development of technologies.These advancements are extended to various fields such as IT and communications, Robotics, Electronics, Entertainment, and Aviation and so on.This course focuses on the Advanced Software Engineering concepts that are needed to develop software systems that can meet basic functional requirements within a well-defined problem domain.Academy of IT & Executive Education provides the best training in Advanced Software Engineer course at Trivandrum.This is an exciting opportunity. Register today and be a part of a world leader in IT Education. Our mission is to shape the beginners careers by providing one of the finest IT Trainings & Career Guidance and get them placed in reputed companies. We genuinely believe that no one offers what we do.

Career prospectus

Following are the few fields students can look at after pursuing this program:

Software Engineer


Fundamentals of Computer
PC Software
Advanced Topics